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Looking to provide lunch services to your employees?
Look no further because House of Munch is here for you!
How It Works - There is a $650 minimum, which includes all menu items listed below for up to 50 people.  Upon booking us, you'll receive a fun HOM voucher to distribute to all your employees with a face value of $14.00.  These vouchers can be used towards any item(s) they want.
All pricing includes sales tax.  Acceptable payment methods are cash or check.  Sorry, we do not currently accept debit or credit cards.
Fried Dough - $8.00
Hot Dog - $4.00
Cheesey Dog - $5.00
Corn Dog - $4.00
French Fries - $6.00
Bucket O' Fries - $8.00
Cheesey Fries - $7.00
Bucket O' Cheesey Fries - $9.00
Chicken Finger Platter: chicken fingers & fries with
          hot sauce and blue cheese - $10.00
Hot Dog Special: hot dog, fries, small drink - $10.00
Burger Special: hamburger, fries, small drink - $10.00

Olde Tyme Birch Beer - $4.00
Ice-Cold Lemonade -$4.00
Boring Bottled Water - $2.00

Cotton Candy - $4.00
Kettle Korn - $6.00
*Fine Print*  Each voucher has no actual cash value.  Therefore "change" will not be given if an order is under $14.00.  If an order is over the $14.00 value, the customer is responsible for paying the difference.  Cash only, please.  We do not accept credit cards.
Looking to have your party or special event catered?  Click HERE!
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